Hedera ⮂ Portal to the rest of Web3

Swap between Hedera and L2 networks

Leveraging the Hashport API, moving your tokens into Hedera has never been so easy.

Negligibly Low Fees

Enjoy the low fees and transaction speed of the Hedera network with your erc20 assets.

Direct Wallet Staking & Trading

Keep your coins secure in your own wallet as you stake or trade.


Swap Between Chains

Web App to bridge Hedera and Eth networks with a user-friendly interface and easy wallet creation.

Single-Side Staking

Earn rewards without the assets leaving your wallet, or the need for a pairing token. Single-Side Staking allows for withdrawals at any time.

Mission: To provide liquidity for crypto assets without fuss & fees


The Team

Rob Edwards


Robert C. Edwards is a Systems Builder with over 15 years of experience in product development, campaign launches, and creating solutions with innovative technologies.

Currently at Ambire Wallet, he's focused on enhancing community integration and engagement through blockchain and Web3 innovations.

Jason Cox


Jason Cox, a seasoned project manager, boasts a wealth of experience in product development projects. Notably, he served as the lead product developer for the TSA Career Mapping system, spearheading its journey from design through development, implementation, and launch.

Alongside his professional endeavors, Jason has been an avid follower and investor in cryptocurrency since 2014, dedicating himself to researching its intricacies since his introduction to the field.

Kevin Compton


Kevin Compton began playing with code roughly around the time the internet was invented. With over 20 years professional experience working in application design and development, there isn’t a part of the process he hasn’t been immersed in.

Currently the CEO of 0xPrimordia, a web3 agency based out of Seattle, Wa.